An Austin game writer with vision

An Austin game writer may be an important missing piece of your game production puzzle - and a surprisingly affordable component, too.

Austin game writers are a rare breed because so few game developers have best-of-breed writing skills, and so few game writers have a track record of working in a development environment. Austin game writer David Chang is an exception.

Not only has he served as a full design team member for seven different published titles (and several unpublished ones), but he has a solid traditional foundation for working as an Austin game writer.

He was a semifinalist for the Writer's Film Project, a five-student, one-year screenwriting program founded by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, and was offered a writing residency at the prestigious Villa Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California. He is proud to have won the Gioia Award from Sequoia, the literary journal of his alma mater, Stanford University, where he followed a self-designed curriculum of literature, art, and computer science courses under the advisorship of the late literary giant Gilbert Sorrentino - an august preparation for a career as an Austin game writer.

As an Austin game writer, David recalls two particularly strong memories. First, as a designer on the top-10 PC title Freelancer, David remembers serving as game writer for several levels during crunch time. "The cinematics had already been set in stone, and our lead was so slammed that he was unable to tie up plot problems. This led to a production bottleneck, especially in one of my levels, where we had no cinematic or gameplay to explain how the player can enter a fortified enemy installation. I took a stab at explaining it all through a few lines of dialog. Remarkably it never got cut or even criticized. It was one of those 'it's so crazy it might just work' efforts, that's for sure."

The other Austin game writer story he has actually happened in California, where David wrote dialog and supervised a few voice-over talent sessions for Army Men: Air Tactics. After one session, David asked actor George Joyce to cite his favorite writing - the best game script on which he'd worked. Unaware that David had been the game writer for the passage, Joyce picked the rallying speech at the end of Air Tactics. "I was honored that from all the scripts he'd read, George selected my writing," David says.

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